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Frustration mounts as investigation for missing girl nears one month mark

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Frustration mounts as investigation for missing girl nears one month mark

Wednesday marks 24 days since six-year-old Isabella "Ariel" Kalua went missing from her home in Waimanalo.

As the days go on, frustration is starting to mount from members of Isabella's biological family who last month led community search efforts to find her. The family told KITV-4 they have no idea where the investigation currently stands.

With no updates as to her whereabouts, community members joined her biological family to make their voices heard in front of Child Protective Services.

A statement from C-P-S reads:

"We join with the community in sorrow and frustration when harm comes to any child or family. We understand the pain our community is currently experiencing.  

The safety and well-being of every child is our top priority. CWS responds to all reports of child abuse or neglect, and we ask the public to assist by reporting what they see and what they hear. To report suspected Child Abuse and or Neglect: 1-888-380-3088 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To report suspected Human Trafficking of Children: 1-888-398-1188Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The work CWS does with families is most often sensitive and difficult given the circumstances, even if an allegation is unconfirmed, any involvement can make a significant impact on a family, that can last a lifetime. Maintaining confidentiality of the information avoids or prevents further trauma. In addition to the privacy considerations, the intent of confidentiality provisions is to encourage reporting, disclosure, and cooperation by family members, providers, and others. 

For these reasons, CWS does not confirm or deny a family’s involvement in services nor provide comment especially where there may also be involvement with law enforcement or the courts. We are able to provide our processes, procedures, and standard departmental response, along with federal and state statutes governing our practices."

Isabella's biological family also says they have not been notified of any leads on the case from Honolulu Police

The Honolulu Police Department issued a statement responding saying quote:

"The investigation into young Isabella Kalua's disappearance is ongoing, and HPD personnel are continuing to interview witnesses and process evidence. Anyone with information is asked to contact HPD or Crime Stoppers."

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