All four County Mayors in Hawaii addressed the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday afternoon.

That meeting covered everything from flooding to health care and it lasted over two hours.

The Mayors were making their financial requests to the State Legislature and one topic they all agreed on was the need for funding to remove abandoned vehicles.

Charities used to take them away for free but recently very few of them do so.

However, that wasn't the only request, Kaua'i's Mayor wants the state to continue funding recovery efforts for the 2018 flooding and also wants projects to reduce chances of future flooding near the Wailua River.

Maui's Mayor is requesting the state move the Honoapi'ilani Highway towards the mountains to prevent erosion. According to officials, the project would cost $40 million.

The Big Island's Mayor told committee members that they are seeing a 'collapse' of the healthcare system on the island. He says they need more resources to address the shortage of doctors and nurses and keep up with demand.