From Mauna Kea to the steps of the Capitol.

"It is the issue of our time right now," Healani Sonoda-Pale of Ka Lahui Hawaii said.

"That's what the message is today, that we're here gonna vote. Hear our voice, we stand for Mauna Kea," Sonoda-Pale said.

As people get registered to vote, they're also hoping for change this legislative session.

"Re-look at the laws, what conservation means to our people, our environment, our aina," Sonoda-Pale said.

"People in power have chosen development over taking care of this place," Representative Amy Perruso said.

State Representative Amy Perruso says she is inspired by their message.

She introduced legislation last session that would put a moratorium on development on Mauna Kea higher than 6,000 feet, which would also halt the Thirty Meter Telescope.

"To stop and take stock of what we're doing and to really reconsider whether this is the wisest way we want to move forward with our very precious lands," Representative Amy Perruso said.

The bill is still on the table this year, but it won't move forward unless it's scheduled for a hearing.

That is why Perruso says it's important for people in the movement to keep up the pressure.

"They challenge people in positions of power to think differently and that's uncomfortable," Representative Amy Perruso said.