Family identified the two men killed Tuesday night in Wai'anae, as 65-year-old Solomon Kaleiopu Jr. and his son,  39-year-old Solomon Kaleiopu III. 

Around 9 PM Tuesday, the Kaleiopu's were outside their home on Kepa'uala Place in their carport, when a black truck pulled up to the house.

Honolulu Police said two men stepped out of the truck. Neighbors describe an argument starting. Then, according to HPD, two shots were fired and the truck sped away.

Both father and son were reportedly hit in the torso, and taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. They didn't survive the night.

Why they were shot is still under investigation, HPD does not believe it was a random act of violence.

"It does seem like it was targeted, but we don't have any specific information to substantiate it," said Maj. Walter Ozeki.

Its unclear what the argument was about, but David Peterson, Solomon Kaleiopu Jr.'s cousin, believes it may have been over another crime that the younger Kaleiopu allegedly committed. 

"He supposedly did a robbery a couple days earlier," said Peterson. 

Peterson said the act doesn't justify the death.

"I pray for the people that did this because, you know, both my cousin and his son, they're in a better place now. These people have to live with what they did," he said. 

Honolulu Police are looking for two male suspects with a black truck.

HPD Maj. Walter Ozeki said officers did find a black truck in the Waianae district park earlier today and arrested the people inside, but he could not say if they were the suspects from Tuesday night's shooting. 


Honolulu Emergency Medical Services treated and transported two individuals who suffered apparent gun shot wounds in the Wai'anae area at Kepauala Place on Tuesday night.

Around 8:50 p.m. Tuesday, an unknown suspect discharged a firearm striking both victims. The men hit were 39 and 65-years-old. Both were transported to a nearby hospital where they both died.

The the suspect is still unknown, and the investigation is ongoing.