Wet weather is causing problems and raising concerns statewide.

The shoreline of Lake Wilson is a popular freshwater fishing spot in Wahiawa. Several fishermen say that this is this highest they've ever seen the water in the lake.

If you're standing on the boat launch, and step down, you can see where the water comes up over the concrete, and railing. You can even see areas of the lake where the water is high on the banks, and over the vegetation.

The worry is that if water continues to rise, it could take over much more.

KITV4 was told that water levels there have been rising steadily since the rains began. Which could be problematic if the level gets too high.

There is no cause for alarm yet, but city emergency management officials say with the county under a Flash Flood Watch, everyone downstream of Lake Wilson in Waialua should be cautious, and be prepared to evacuate if needed.

"It's a good idea for everyone to maintain an awareness, if they live next to bodies of water, or streams, or rivers, and the fact that flash floods can happen at any time, and that if we have severe rain storms, a large quantity of rain falling in a very short period of time, it's easy for drainage infrastructure to become overwhelmed by the amount of volume of water," said Ross Sasamura of the Department of Facility Maintenance.

The city says it's always good to know what your evacuation routes are.