Tow truck drivers gathered on Sunday to remember the life of one of their own and make a plea to the public for safer working conditions.

The event was organized after 43-year-old Aaron Malama was killed on Thursday when he was struck by a car on the H-2 while he was hooking up a stalled car.

Over thirty tow truck drivers and their families gathered at Restaurant 604 near Pearl Harbor.

Some shared their memories of Malama, others talked about their experience with drivers not giving them enough space on the road when they assist cars.

One driver who was hit while he was on the job in 2017 and lost his ability to walk was there to add his voice to the call for change.

"Send a message out to the people. Just give us a space, or slow down or just move over for us. We're first responders too. We have families to go back to. Just give us space," said Valentino Tua.

The organizer for the meeting told me he wanted to give drivers an opportunity to share their experiences but also a chance to grieve with each other.