NUUANU, Hawaii - Daijingu Temple in Nu'uanu is getting ready for a traditional Shinto good luck blessing to usher in the new year; it's one of the largest celebrations of its kind on the island.

"Daijingu Temple has been offering this since 1903! It's very popular. About 4,000 people, and lots of their pets, come. They start lining up before midnight on the 31st. It goes non-stop until 4 p.m. on the 1st," says Rev. Akihiro Okada.

This is how it goes: you wait in a line, and at the front of the line, a Shinto priest gives you a quick blessing. If you want to give a donation, you can, and this is the temple's largest fundraiser of the year. Then the line feeds you over to kiosks selling "omamori" or good luck charms.

Some of the many charms we have are meant to help the owner  with finding love, getting pregnant, and staying safe in the water.

If you cannot make the public event, you can you still get a blessing by calling (808) 595-3102 for an appointment for private New Year's blessings for you and/or a group of your family and friends.

Daijingu Temple is at 61 Puiwa Rd. in Nu'uanu. Parking can be hard to find in the morning.