Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Josh Green is headed to Samoa to help with the deadly measles outbreak.

The death toll is at 55-people -- most of them children under the age of four. Pediatric intensive care units are overcrowded, and many of the keiki can't get immediate medical care. 

Video from his Instagram shows him thanking Hawaiian Airlines, Fiji Airways and all the volunteers before heading to the country.


The lieutenant governor is a practicing doctor, and is joining a group of about 500 nurses, physicians, and support staff.

"We're going to go out into the field, into the clinics and into the hospital to deliver immunizations for the better part of 48 hours steady. Everyone's going to hit the ground running, and we're going to kind of make this a marathon," said Lt. Governor Green. "It should be an extraordinary experience because this is a demonstration of people pulling together internationally, but specifically from the state of Hawaii."

Hawaiian Airlines in sponsoring the flight and the group's offering immunizations for 48 hours.