There are 800 teacher vacancies that need to be filled, according to the Hawaii Department of Education. 

On Tuesday, the union representing teachers showed support for Governor David Ige's plan addressing salary and the current shortage. 

The governor's plan comes with a 14.5 million dollar price tag. HSTA reports yearly starting pay for public school teachers in Hawaii is $49,000.

The proposal calls for raises of up to $10,000 for 28 percent of all teachers.

The Department of Education calls this "Phase 1" of addressing the problem. If approved by the DOE and later the "Legislature", about 4,000 teachers in "Special Ed", hard-to-staff rural areas and Hawaiian language, will see bigger paychecks.

According to the HSTA, most new teachers come from the Continental U.S but end up leaving because of the cost of living. 

The Board of Education votes on the proposal on Thursday. If approved, it goes into the "Supplemental Budget" then it's presented to the Legislature.