Maui Police are alerting the public about a telephone scam that is spoofing MPD's non-emergency line phone number (808)244-6400.

According to police, the scammers are identifying themselves as police officers, providing a name, badge number and extension number to reached at. 

The caller claims that there is a warrant of arrest for the person receiving the call, providing the person with correct name, current address, former address and email account name. The caller then directs them to call US Legal Support at (720) 316-0033.

When asked for an emailed copy of the warrant, the caller said the person would have to appear in court first as they are being named in a lawsuit and provided a case number.

Maui Police want to emphasize to the public that these calls are not coming from their department.

For safety and protection Maui Police are advising the public to conduct these steps:

Be cautious when responding to callers from an unidentified phone number. Phone scammers want to remain anonymous.

Never provide personal, confidential or financial information to an unidentified individual.

These scammers may provide information about you that seems accurate.  If you are suspicious of the call do not verify the information that was provided.

Please obtain as much information as you can regarding the caller including phone number, possible accent, tone and demeanor.  Ask questions or ask for proper identification. Request the individual’s name, company name, and phone number.