Getting into Stanford University is not easy. The school's most recent public data shows less than five percent of applicants are accepted but three Iolani students got in.

Iolani's college guidance counselor said this is the first time three of their students were offered a chance to play college sports in the same year.

The three students are Elena Oglivie (volleyball), Mia Watanabe (soccer) and Kupono Browne (volleyball).

They told KITV4 they started the application process in their junior year, earlier than most.

And during their 4 years, they had to balance their athletics while maintaining near 4.0 GPAs.

They say much of their free time was spent in the library and it meant giving up their social life at times, something they now believe was worth it.

They hope their achievement will inspire others to not just dream big but work hard for it.