After a busy Black Friday for big-box retailers on Oahu, the shopping is not over. It continues with Small Business Saturday.

"We're all born and raised. Supporting the people born and raised. Supporting the people who live around here," Olivier Vetter, Bean About Town, said.

It's a national concept that began in 2010. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports consumers across the country spent about $103 billion since the trend began.

"You hope the small businesses will make enough today that they can break even for the year on the sales made today," Mary Ann Lentz, a shopper, said.

There's small business events happening across Oahu. At Mission Houses, there's more than 60 vendors and all of them are made right here in Hawaii.
Not all participating businesses have a store. They say pop-up events are a great way to to advertise their brand and interact with customers.

"They have a lot of events going on on island. A lot of my customer happy to come out and see me and come back and get new pieces," Mai Daimonji, I.A.M Jewelry & Creations, said.

While many take advantage of the holiday season by offering sales, Daimonji says she doesn't. She believes customer loyalty and item quality will draw people to come back despite a large competition in the industry.

"I love here because the small community really helps," Daimonji said. "People who come back to me, they really like unique stuff. They looking for different style or style they've never seen."

For consumers, it's another way to support mom-and-pop shops.

"There's something about buying something from someone made here and you know they'll be here next year," Lentz said.