Carfit helps older drivers find out how well their vehicles fit them, demonstrates ways to improve comfort and safety, and promotes conversations about driver safety. The Carfit checkup coincides with National Older Driver Safety Week, which is Dec 2-6.

Pamela Anderson of the Occupational Therapy Association of Hawaii talks to KITV-4's Annalisa Burgos about its Carfit checkup program, co-sponsored by AARP Hawaii and American Automobile Association.

To find out if your car fits your age, get a free Carfit checkup on Saturday, Dec. 7 at Ala Wai Elementary School from 8 a.m. to noon. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the CarFit checklist with a trained occupational therapist and/or Carfit technician volunteer. The event is free and open to the public but registration is required by calling toll-free 877-926-8300 or going online to and clicking on Upcoming Events.

Here's more information about Carfit checkups from the event organizers:

What is a Carfit checkup?

Most cars nowadays allow you to adjust almost everything… your seats, the mirrors, the steering wheel. But what's the best way to make your car fit you? We've developed a checklist to help you adjust your car to fit you so you are the most comfortable you can be and as safe as you can be in your car. Are your mirrors optimized so you can see what's behind you? Is your steering wheel at the right height? Are you too far or too close to the steering wheel? How high should your seat be? We cover all of that. We have trained volunteers from AARP and an occupational therapist who will work with you to improve the safety and comfort of your vehicle.

Why is Carfit aimed at older drivers?

Older drivers are often the safest drivers in that they are more likely to wear their seatbelts and less likely to speed or drink and drive. However, older drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured when a crash happens because their bodies become frail as they age. Adjusting your car to fit you can improve safety, especially for older drivers. But even though the program is aimed at older drivers, any driver of any age can set up an appointment and will benefit from a Carfit checkup.

What do you do during a Carfit Checkup?

We go through a quick, yet comprehensive 12-point check of how well you and your car work together. Trained volunteers will check your seatbelt, the tilt of your steering wheel and position of the airbag, a properly adjusted headrest, clear line of sight between you and your steering wheel and dashboard, if your mirrors are properly adjusted to reduce blind spots and more.

The CarFit checklist includes the following and more:

  • Ensuring clear line of sight over the steering wheel – at least three inches above the wheel
  • Allowing plenty of room between driver’s chest and the front airbag and steering wheel
  • Adjusting the seat for maximum comfort
  • Adjusting head restraints
  • Ensuring easy access to gas and brake pedals
  • Adjusting the seat belt properly
  • Positioning side and rearview mirrors