With the holidays comes a greater responsibility for shoppers, especially when it comes to staying out of trouble.

For those who will be doing holiday shopping, Honolulu Police has some do's and don'ts to keep in mind in order to keep criminals from getting to purchases and presents.

Before you head to the mall, don't leave anything valuable in your car, and that includes shopping bags.

Don't carry large amounts of cash with you as you shop.

While at home, do make sure your home has an alarm or surveillance system, and set up different delivery options, so packages won't be left alone at your house.

"We have criminals who drive around and steal mail out of the mailboxes so you could change out a traditional one for one that locks," Chris Kim of Honolulu CrimeStoppers said.

Meanwhile, both drivers and pedestrians are advised to be on the lookout for one another during the holiday rush.

For drivers, that means pay attention to pedestrians, and for those walking, don't step off the sidewalk until you know it is clear.