6-year-old Olivia Numanga was riding her bike by her house on Pu'uahi Street in Laie when an SUV struck her and fled the scene.

Numanga fractured her skull and broke her thigh bone. When Honolulu Emergency Medical Services and the Honolulu Fire Department arrived, Olivia was in her sister's arms.

"This is one of the cases that I’ll always remember," Felimon Juliano of Honolulu EMS said.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse.

"She went unresponsive. We lost the pulse and she wasn’t breathing," Juliano said.

However, their resuscitation worked, Olivia was transported to Kapiolani Hospital and is making a quick recovery.

Today, she was laughing, walking with the help of a walker and thanked the first responders who saved her life. 

"We’re just very grateful. She’s had a really really good attitude. Just a great start to Thanksgiving," said Olivia's mom Moana Numanga. 

Olivia says she is excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas and going back to school in January.