It's a survey the city auditor hopes will make a difference.

"It's a worthwhile investment for citizens to take that time and give their feedback to policy makers and decision makers in the city," Troy Shimasaki, Office of the City Auditor, said.

Any resident over the age of 18 is eligible. Only a random group of people were selected for a mail-in version previously.

"Hopefully that kind of feedback can help the various departments realign and reassess what they're doing and try to address what the citizens say are important to them," Shimasaki said.

This year's survey also has questions related to current issues happening in the city like street repairs, the impact of rail and feedback on the bulky trash program. The auditor's office compiles a report once the results are in.

Last year, there was support for lifeguards, emergency medical services and fire prevention education. There was also concerns.

"The overall feeling of safety here in Honolulu and the perception of Honolulu as either a place to live or to visit as well as sidewalk maintenance, street lighting and building code enforcement," Shimasaki said.

The auditor believes the results can help lawmakers in budget planning and creating policy. Honolulu City Council member Kymberly Marcos Pine says previous findings enforce what's important to the community. She hopes there will be more feedback this year.

"Definitely opening up the survey in this fashion will allow more people to participate who can't otherwise do in-person conversations," she said.

The questionnaire is available until December 31st. Results are expected to be published next March before the council discuss its budget.

You can take the survey here