Wednesday, strike votes from Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants were tallied, and 99.9 percent authorize a strike.

The strike vote has the highest support for authorizing a strike in the history of the Association of Flight Attendants. 

"This historic strike vote takes our contract fight to an entirely new level. Hawaiian Flight Attendants are sending an emphatic message to management: Delay is not acceptable; we demand the contract we deserve because we earn it every day. We are safety professionals, and management must acknowledge our worth. Hawaiian is profitable and the time has come for Flight Attendants to share in what we have helped create," said MEC President, Sharon Soper.

95.1 percent of those who voted said they would be participating.

Hawaiian Air released the following statement:

" A strike is illegal until the National Mediation Board releases both parties from mediation and a cooling off period expires, neither of which has occurred. Having said that, we understand what this vote symbolizes, and we share the sentiment of frustration with the slow pace of these negotiations that it conveys.

There is no doubt that our flight attendants deliver the best hospitality in the industry, and we are determined to reach an agreement that recognizes their contributions to our success with increases in compensation while ensuring that our company can remain competitive and continue to grow. We have been working with a federal mediator for a year now and we remain committed to reaching an agreement through good faith negotiations under the mediator's guidance."

Contract negotiations began in November of 2017. They want better pay and other benefits.

Over the last six months, Hawaiian Flight Attendants have picketed at the Honolulu and LAX airports.