Daryl Mae Tangonan owns a car but commutes three hours per day from Ewa Beach on The Bus because it's easier.

"Me personally, it's more convenient. Parking is hard," Tangonan said.

Dennis Vanderpool did the math and found that he saves around $500 per month by ditching his ride.

"Like the convenience of not having to drive to and from work. I get to save all that money. I don't have the aggravation of being stuck in traffic," Vanderpool said.

But people like Tangonan and Vanderpool are hard to find these days.

Since 2015 the City is seeing less people riding the bus. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell calls it a product of competition.

"Many of them that had no choice but to use our bus system no do have some other choices. They can uber or lyft or what I like, they are using Biki," Mayor Caldwell said.

To fight back the Mayor believes that modernizing bus service is a good start.

The Bus app already shows arrival times and different methods of paying.

"We need to change our technology and I think it makes it a lot more accessible to people," Mayor Caldwell said.

Another concern brought up by riders is time.

"It takes about an hour and a half taking the bus from Ewa Beach to my school and compared to riding a car it's only half an hour," Tangonan said.

"We have large buses going into the backs of neighborhoods, perhaps smaller buses more fuel efficient buses going there where they are really needed," Mayor Caldwell said.