Rob Mora's day job as a manager for Lyft involves helping Hawaii get around by car, but on his off time, Mora has been training hard towards his goal of running his way around the islands.

After completing his first Honolulu Marathon last year, Mora decided he had more in the tank, and set a goal - marathons on each of the major Hawaiian islands in one year.

He's already completed 26.2 mile races on the Big Island and Maui, and is running the Honolulu Marathon again in December.  But his plan ran into a slight setback - he was supposed to run the Kaua'i Marathon earlier this year, but he had to miss it with a good excuse.

That's when his son Zion was born.  The new little runner in the family is keeping Mora busy, but he hasn't forgotten about completing his goal.

To make up for the missed marathon, he's flying to Kaua'i the weekend after the Honolulu Marathon to run his own personal marathon with his cheering squad in tow.

Mora says despite his incredible running accomplishments, he wasn't always in shape.  He says he started running just a few years ago to become more active. "Being slow, being overweight, not having the strength, you run our of breath. I couldn't run a mile without stopping," he says.

He's been training both in his garage in Ewa Beach, and running around his neighborhood to get ready.  Once he completes his incredible 4 marathons in a year, he says his next goal is to double his mileage.

He also hopes his story will inspire others to get into shape.  He says it's as simple as just taking that first step.

"I think for most people, they stop, and they don't push themselves beyond that barrier... and there's so much more beyond that.. There really is," Mora says.