Monday marks day two of nurses picketing in front of Straub Hospital. 

450 nurses at Straub Medical Center are now working without a contract, which expired on October 31. 

Nurses are frustrated with the attendance policy. The union wants them to be able to call in sick more than once a month without getting penalized.

The nurses tell KITV4, calling out sick more than once would trigger the disciplinary policy.

The CEO of Straub Medical Center released the following statement on the matter:

"We believe our attendance policy is fair and equitable for all of our 7,000 plus employees throughout Hawai'i Pacific Health.  As a health care organization, the well-being of both our patients and our employees are among our top priorities. Our policies and procedures are standardized to ensure fairness for all employees and the care and safety of our patients. We are committed to reaching a settlement for our nurses and look forward to returning to negotiations on Wednesday, November 20."