A survey of American shoppers conducted by the company Bospar reports over 80% of respondents believe holiday shopping deals will begin earlier than last year. It also reports one in four Americans believe the holiday shopping season will begin earlier than last year.

Some local shoppers in Hawaii agree.

Rachel Bumanglag, a Hawaii resident and shopper starts shopping "at least three or four months in advance."

"There's a lot of clearance, everything is cheaper," says Bumanglag, who is also an employee at a large retail chain.

Another contributing factor could be the prevalence of limited supply products.

Fitted, an apparel company founded in Honolulu in 2005, built their business releasing multiple new products each week in finite quantities. 

"All of our pieces are limited so people have to come in early to get the stuff they want -- the sizes, their styles because once we sell out we don’t reproduce the exact same thing," said Fitted assistant manager Ryan Auyoung. 

Fitted runs a Black Friday sale, marking hats usually costing $50 down to $15. Still, Auyoung says holiday shoppers stop by all year long because the perfect gift could be sold out at any time.

"People come in early even though they know Black Friday's gonna be a big sale they still have to get their hat before it sells out," Auyoung said.