A longtime Big Island boater called it fate when he discovered a kayaker stranded on a remote shoreline Thursday.

Captain Kimo Field with Hilo Ocean Adventures shared with KITV4 his story of the rescue, and sent in video he recorded during a dolphin and snorkeling tour.

Field says he heard screaming and a whistle near a cliffside lined with jagged rocks and sea caves.  That's when he spotted a woman jumping up and down and waving for help. 

She told the Hawaii County Fire Department (HFD) her kayak sank on Saturday, leaving her stranded near Kawainui Stream. 

Field called 911 and stayed in the area until she was airlifted.

"I'm glad that I was in the right place at the right time in order to coordinate this rescue. Because if I wasn't, no telling how long that person would've been there," said Captain Kimo. "Because I already know for a fact that there's hardly anybody if ever goes there. I mean I hardly go there myself. The only access to that area is by boat."

Field says he doesn't typically take his tour boat that far up the coast, he just happened to do so yesterday looking for a better snorkeling spot.