According to Hawaiian Airlines there were 237 passengers and 12 crew members aboard Flight HA 51. 

Hawaiian Airlines says that Flight HA 51 adheres to stricter safety regulations governing Extended Twin Operations or ETOPS because they travel long, over-water distances between suitable airports. 

The airlines told KITV4 that Friday's generator issue required the pilot to divert to the nearest suitable airport, LAX, prior to entering the Pacific portion of the flight so that the aircraft could be inspected.

Hawaiian Airlines states that there was no emergency and oxygen masks were not needed.


According to Hawaiian Airlines it has diverted Flight HA 51 to LAX due to a generator fault detected during the flight.

The aircraft was scheduled to leave JFK in New York this morning and land at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport but due to the generator fault has landed without incident in LAX.

Hawaiian Airlines says that it is accommodating its passengers on other flights to Honolulu.