More than 600 people are protesting plans to build a seawall in Ewa Beach. 

According to the Marine Corps, the seawall is needed in order to stop damage caused by erosion at its shooting range.

But one man started a petition to prevent construction, raising concerns about the impact it could have in the community.

Mike Plowman spends much of his free time talking to whoever he can about the the Marine Corps' Shoreline Stabilization project.

There's plans for a wall made of 1,500 feet of sheet-pile, which is steel or any other metal. 

Plowman's concern is over potential displacing of sand along the shoreline. 

"There are so many people who's lives are centered around this beach and they're very concerned that they're going to lose the most precious activity area that we have," Plowman said. 

Plowman is collecting signatures in person and requesting the military conduct an "Environmental Impact Study".

"For them to do such an inadequate job studying what the potential effects are going to be down stream of the beach is troubling," Plowman said.

The Marine Corps already released a 117-page environmental assessment, it shows the project would not have a significant impact, nor would it generate significant controversy, because of that, the Marine Corps believes an EIS is not necessary.

"An environmental assessment is more general. It's more preliminary and if there's a significant impact on people or resources then it will trigger the need for an environmental impact statement that is much more detailed," UH Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Luciano Minerbi said.

"People are getting on board because people do understand that when you armor the beach it has negative consequences to adjacent shorelines and environment," Plowman said. 

The Marine Corps released the following statement to KITV4 regarding the petition:

"Marine Corps Base of Hawaii does respect every community member's choice to make their voices heard via whatever means they choose."