UPDATE 11/6 9 P.M.

The UH Board of Regents has passed administrative rules related to Mauna Kea but has made one change: removing the section regarding group use registration.


The Board of Regents meeting started at 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday at University of Hawaii Hilo campus and opened with public testimony.

100 people signed up at the beginning of the day but more asked to speak.

There was tears and even shouting.

People are reacting to the latest draft of the administrative rules that are designed to govern commercial and public activities on Mauna Kea lands.

The proposed rules have not been approved by the board yet because they were hearing testimonies.

"You can no longer come to the table with a predetermined plan and steamroll the Hawaii or larger community through a difficult to navigate system such as this one," TMT opponent Noe Noe Wong Wilson said.

"They announced the closure or potential closure of facilities they're not just working facilities they're some of the most productive in the world," Jessica Dempsey of Maunakea Observatories said.

"I believe if people really spent time looking at the rules and understanding the rules, they'd see that we have addressed and responded to many of the concerns," UH Executive Director of Mauna Kea stewardship Greg Chun said.

Chun says that one of the reasons people got so frustrated before was because there was too much unregulated activity happening on the mauna that caused harm.

He believes this latest draft addresses that concern.