Wednesday, a judge agreed to reduce bail for an O'ahu babysitter accused of manslaughter. 

Dixie Villa appeared in court Wednesday morning -- she's the babysitter who was watching 7-month-old Abigail Lobisch when she died at the Aliamanu Military Reservation last year.

An autopsy report shows the baby girl died from a deadly amount of Benadryl in her system.

Wednesday a judge denied Villa's request for supervised release, saying she doesn't have family in Hawai'i to sponsor her, and that her recent phone calls from jail are "concerning" and could involve "illegal activity."

However, the judge did agree to reduce her bail from $500,000 to $200,000.

Villa's defense attorney Megan Kau said, "I believe the bail, if it was gonna be reduced, should have been reduced to lower than $100,000. We put on evidence that my client is not able to pay a bail amount. Bail is not meant to be punitive."\

A family friend of the Lobish's said they are happy with the decision.

"I think we're satisfied with the decision and that's all we want to say right now. It's a long road ahead and we're just gonna wait it out and see what happens," said Kaleihua Kapuaalaa.

Villa's manslaughter trial is set for next year. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years behind bars.