The Eddie Aikau Foundation presents the 2019 The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational with an all-star line-up and new format.
For the 34th annual event, 32 Invitees and 18 Alternates will be invited including nine females. For the first time ever, seven legends will take the Bay in the first heat of the day and be eligible for the Hawaiian Airlines Best Wave of the Day and 250,000 HawaiianMiles.
“The Eddie Aikau Foundation is excited to have the support of our generous sponsors who have joined us in celebrating and honoring the life and legacy of our brother, Eddie,” said Solomon Aikau. “This year we honor not only the equality of women in the sport, but some of the longtime surfers in the industry.”
During the three-month holding period from December 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020, if waves reach heights of 20-feet (Hawaiian style), The Eddie will go for these big wave riders.

Mahalo to the sponsors of this year’s The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational: Hawaiian Airlines, Kona Brewing Company, L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, Turtle Bay Resort and Waimea Valley for bringing the most prestigious surfing competition and opening ceremony for the community and world to witness.
The opening ceremony to kick-off of the waiting period will be held on Thursday, December 5th featuring a traditional Hawaiian blessing, informational booths, entertainment, and an opportunity for Hawai‘i’s keiki to visit with their schools.
When The Eddie last ran in 2016, it undeniably became the biggest event in competitive surfing.  Over 1.2 million fans watched the live stream from over 200 countries around the world – making it the biggest event in the history of surfing.
Aaron Gold
Andrea Moller
Ben Wilkinson
Billy Kemper
Bruce Irons
Danilo Couto
Dave Wassel
Eli Olson
Emi Erickson
Grant Baker
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Jamie O’Brien
Jamie Mitchell
John John Florence
Kai Lenny
Keala Kennelly
Keali‘i Mamala
Kelly Slater
Koa Rothman
Landon McNamara
Lucas Chianca
Luke Shepardson
Makuakai Rothman
Mark Healey
Mason Ho
Nathan Florence
Nathan Fletcher
Paige Alms
Ross Clarke-Jones
Shane Dorian
Tikanui Smith
Male Alternates
  1. Tyler Larronde
  2. Kyle Shipman
  3. Kohl Christensen
  4. Chris Bertish
  5. Chris Owens
  6. Mike Pietsch
  7. Torrey Meister
  8. Alex Martins
  9. Ryan Seelbach
  10. Matt Bromley
  11. Reef McIntosh
  12. Ezekiel Lau
  13. Jamie Sterling
Female Alternates
  1. Bianca Valenti
  2. Raquel Heckert
  3. Justine Dupont
  4. Silvia Nabuco
  5. Laura Enever
  1. Derek Ho
  2. Garrett McNamara
  3. Jeff Clark
  4. Mike Ho
  5. Mike Parsons
  6. Peter Mel
  7. Tom Carroll
About The Eddie Aikau Foundation
The Eddie Aikau Foundation is a charitable organization created to share Eddie Aikau's life, contributions and accomplishments while promoting education and the advancement of Hawaiian culture. Founded by the Aikau family, the Foundation pays tribute to Edward Ryon Makuahanai Aikau in honor of his love for his family and others, his courage and compassion in saving lives, and his dedication to Hawaiian people and culture. Eddie's legacy is a pure symbol of the Aloha Spirit. 

The Foundation's ambitious goals are realized through advocacy, education and philanthropy. These goals include advancing education and community service; supporting ocean-related activities and events; assisting in the preservation and perpetuation of Hawaiian history and culture; and encouraging Hawaiians and visitors alike to respect and contribute to the growth and development of Hawaiian culture. The Foundation strives to inspire people to develop a strong sense of pride in themselves, their heritage and their community through Eddie's remarkable spirit and character. For more information, visit