They were closed door depositions in a secure room in the basement of the Capitol but now the transcripts from two of them are public.

According to the transcript, Ukrainian officials told her Giuliani and his associates "had plans, and that they were going to, you know, do things, including to me."

And that in an effort to save her job, she reached out to ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland who advised, "you need to go big or go home" and "tweet out there that you support the President."

The former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Michael McKinley's transcript also released in it McKinley says he'd tried to appeal to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to help Yovanavich three separate times.

A claim that Pompeo denied just last month.

"I never heard him say a single thing about his concerns with respect to the decision that was made," Pompeo said.

In April even as the Deputy Secretary of State, according to her account, told "you've done nothing wrong," she was recalled but not forgotten. The President calling her 'bad news' during his July 25 call with Ukraine's President saying she was "going through some things."

Yovanovitch testified that when she found out, "I didn't know what it meant. I was very concerned. I still am."
When asked if she felt threatened she replied 'yes.'

President Trump distanced himself by stating, "I'm sure she's a very fine woman. I just don't know her."

McKinley also testified one of the reasons he resigned was what he saw as a push to use U.S. diplomatic missions "to procure negative political information for domestic purposes."

The next two transcripts to be released from Kurt Volker, former envoy to Ukraine and Gordon Sondland, the E.U. ambassador.