WASHINGTON - After weeks of closed-door hearings, the impeachment inquiry is now formally open to the public.

The U.S. House approved a resolution Thursday morning formally authorizing the inquiry. The resolution lays out the ground rules for public hearings, and allows President Donald Trump and his legal team to respond to evidence. It also outlines how articles of impeachment could be determined.

The vote passed largely on party lines.

The vote comes weeks after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened the inquiry into whether Trump abused his power during a July phone call with the Ukrainian president. It also comes after a group of Republican lawmakers stormed a closed-door hearing last week, demanding greater transparency into the impeachment process.

“We’re doing exactly what we said we would do and should do and that has been with the full participation of both parties," said U.S. Rep. Ed Case told KITV before the vote. "Both parties have been represented in every single one of the hearings. Both parties have been able to ask questions.”

"It has to be done in a non-partisan way that actually examines the facts and the evidence being brought forth as this inquiry continues," U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard told KITV after the vote. "This is about accountability for the American people.”

It’s important to note that Thursday’s vote is not a vote for or against impeachment. This simply lays out the rules for what will happen in the weeks and months ahead.