Moanalua Na Menehune already had a seven point lead and using the legs of RJ Javar in early 2nd quarter were about to go up 14-zip in the OIA Championship on Saturday in Aloha Stadium but did he and team ever pay a price.

"I blacked out so I forgot what was happening," RJ Javar said.

The excitement quickly turning to worry.

"They are all crying and all my teammates, like my brother, I think that's the only thing I remember is seeing my brother crying," Javar said.

A very scary situation as one of the best quarterbacks in the state was down for about 30 minutes then put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Nobody knew the extent of the head injury but we at least did see good signs.

 "Responsive now and moving, slightly," Na Menehune head coach Savaii Eselu said.

 Moanalua continued on with their leader in their mind and their heart.

 "Scared for him, I was more worried about his health then for the game cause you know he's one of my brothers," senior Rudy Kealohi said.

"We used that. We used that and we told the boys RJ is back, we told you he's a fighter," Eselu said.

On the field things got really tough but in the hospital though RJ was getting some good news.

"Mom called us during halftime. They tested his spine, they checked his limbs and everything was okay," Eselu said.

 "It came out negative, my mom was like do you want to go back to the game? and I was like okay," Javar said.

Then out of no where in the 2nd half RJ Javar came back.

"Some of my teammates noticed me cause the crowd cheering and chanting RJ," Javar said.

Even surprising his head coach.

 "Turned around and I see him and he is smiling away. I was like did you run out of the hospital or something what happened?" Eselu said.

 With the game tied in the final few seconds, Na Menehune breathed new life with a missed game winning field goal. In overtime the Mules missed another game winning field goal and after a touchdown in double overtime missed and extra point which Na Menehune capitalized on with a touchdown of their own.

Their extra point for the game winner was true and through

"Movie scene, cause of the moment," Javar said.

Little brother is going to get another chance to play with big brother but this time at the state tournament.