UPDATE 10/30 6:23 P.M.

HECO reports that power has been restored to the majority of customers in the East O'ahu area. 

Tree trimmers have since cleared the vegetation from the line in a heavily forested area of Waimanalo.

Trimmers had to hike into the area, which is on a mountainside.


UPDATE 10/30 2:58 P.M.:

Hanauma Bay is reported to be closed due to the area wide power outage in Hawaii Kai.


UPDATE 10/30 2:53 P.M.:

According to Hawaiian Electric Company, 6,800 customers in the Hawaii Kai area are currently without power as of 2:48 p.m. on Wednesday.

The customers reside from Aina Koa ridge to Kamiloiki and part of Waimanalo. 

A tree came into contact with HECO power lines in a remote area alongside a mountain in Waimanalo. 

According to HECO, the main power line was de-energized for scheduled maintenance at the time when backup power went out. Officials say that power should be restored within the hour.


About 13,000 customers are without power in East O'ahu from Aina Koa ridge to Kamioloiki and part of Waimanalo Wednesday afternoon. This all due to a tree in lines.


"A tree came into contact with our power lines in a remote area (along the mountainside in Waimanalo). We have redundancy in that area, but the main line was deenergized for scheduled maintenance when the backup went out," said a spokesperson for Hawaiian Electric.

 First responders are said to be en route. The estimated restore time is 3 p.m.