Eight million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year

Researchers at Hawaii Pacific University are taking a closer look at plastic that end up on beaches right here in Hawaii.

Researchers had over a dozen sample sites on beach across the state of Hawaii.

They found that the beaches with the most concentration of plastic were on the windward sides of the island.

At a nearby lab, the team is able to use equipment and different tests to determine how old the plastic is and how far it might have traveled.

They are hoping their finds will be a call to action.

"I want the people of Hawaii to be a voice and just say hey look at all this trash that is ending up on our beaches. You all come here to visit our pristine beaches and now our pristine beaches are not pristine anymore because it's the world's trash that has ended up on our shores," said Kayla Brignac, a researcher at HPU's Center for Marine Debris Research.

The beach with the largest plastic levels was Kahuku beach located on O'ahu followed by Kitchens beach on Kauai.