KALAELOA, Hawaii - Overnight Sunday, there were more arrests in Kalaeloa as protests continue against the development of wind farms in Kahuku.

16 people were arrested Sunday night for disobedience of a police officer, but have all posted bail. More than 100 demonstrators have been arrested there over the past few weeks for blocking the access road.  

One demonstration leader did say, "We can't keep getting arrested week after week. It's draining our resources."

Opponents are now focusing their energy in the court system voting booth. 

Ku Kia'i Kahuku leaders -- who call themselves protectors, not protesters --  say they accomplished their goal of bringing worldwide attention to what is going on in Kahuku, and are now taking a different approach. Leaders say they’re now focusing their energy on the legal process; they've identified what they say was an issue in the permitting for the wind farm and are hoping to pursue that in court.