For almost 30 years, Javier Sapuy has called Waikiki home.  But lately, he says his stroll along the Ala Wai hasn't been the same.

"You always have to watch your back," he says.  Sapuy says he's dealt with near misses from being hit by bikes riding on the sidewalks.

He says ever since programs like Biki began, the problem has gotten worse. "Sometimes because I have a slight problem hearing they can be ringing their bells and I don't hear it and when I see the bike is right behind and they're going 10 or 5 miles per hour."

Sapuy shared his concerns to neighborhood social media, and other Waikiki residents said they've noticed the same thing.

As KITV4 was filming the story Sunday morning, our crews also saw several bikes on the sidewalk.

Riding a bike on the sidewalk is illegal.  Revised Ordinances of Honolulu 15-4.6 "prohibits riding a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates and similar devices on sidewalks in Waikiki."

The city does have bike lanes designated in Waikiki, and also posts signs reminding bikers they can't go on the sidewalk.

We took Javier's concerns the Honolulu Police, who tell us there has been enforcement.  Around Waikiki this year, the city issued 437 citations.  Violating the law will get you a $55 fine.

Javier just hopes that will lead to more awareness. "I think it's just a matter of education for it.," he says.