"A'ole wind turbines! Kapu aloha!" shouted about 100 students of Kahuku High and Intermediate Schools, as the youth staged their own protest against a wind farm planned in their community.

"Our main purpose was to visualize that the Kahuku students do have a purpose, have a voice and want it to be heard," said Tealani Wasson, 16, who organized the event.

Students say they wanted to do their part and speak out, so they organized to meet after school, write their names on red ribbons, tie them to a lei and deliver it to the protesters camped near the site's entrance gate.

They say they are the ones who will have to live with these structures for years to come. 

"We’re against the wind turbines that are being built in our community and our backyard. Too close and too big," said co-organizer Emily Tsing, 16.

The group Ku Kia'i Kahuku have been protesting AES' Na Pua Makani wind farm for more than a week and plans to continue throughout construction.

KITV4's Annalisa Burgos spoke to Sulu'ape Riccy Boy Novera, who was among the nearly 100 people arrested so far.