Among the many victims of the web of corruption Katherine and Louis Kealoha pleaded guilty to yesterday, were two children who had their money swindled by Katherine Kealoha.

In 2004, Kealoha was appointed guardian of Ransen and Ariana Taito, who were just 12 and 10 years old at the time.   She was also given control of a financial trust in their name, which she stole from, and later convinced them to lie for her.

Now, as part of the guilty plea, Kealoha will have to pay back a total of about $165,000 to the siblings in restitution.

Their lawyer, Michael Green says the plea is relief to the Taitos, now adults, so they could avoid the pain of having testify against the mother figure they once trusted, and relive the betrayal.

"I mean frankly I'm happy that my kids, the brother and sister I represented are not gonna have to sit on the witness stand and point to the woman they called Auntie Kathy who stole their financial inheritance from their father and took almost every penny of it and blamed their mother," Green says.

Green says he also believes the story isn't over for the Kealohas, and that investigators will likely see if they can get any more useful information from Katherine Kealoha, who was once a powerful prosecutor.

"This is I think the first chapter in a book and I don't think the book is closed and I think more is coming and I think there's many people out ther that's she's hurt, that may never be discovered," he says.

In addition to the $165,000 owed to the Taitos, Kealoha will also have pay back nearly $300,000 to her grandmother Florence Puana and uncle Gerard Puana.