A new project aims to teach hearing impaired students how to code. It’s part of an effort to create devices that can help students with disabilities navigate everyday life.

The collaborative effort is with the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind and Stevenson Middle School. 

It's a 3 week program that pairs 22 young coders from Stevenson with students with hearing impairments. 

Sign language interpreters are there to help students communicate with each other. Staff said believe having someone closer to their age teach them is much more effective because it makes them more comfortable.

“I think it’s less intimidating for the kids because they are so like minded,” said Trish Morgan, a teacher at Stevenson behind the program.

One of the devices they are planning to make includes a sensor for the blind that will beep when it comes close to someone.

Staff said if the program is successful, they want to continue it with more students.?