KITV4 was there to cover the Chaminade women's volleyball program getting off to their best start in program history and now sit at 18-2 but another story stood out as well. It was that of their superfan Ryan Look who brings energy to the gym unlike very few. Ryan has seen over 180 Silverswords sporting events over the past eight years bringing that same passion each game despite already graduating in 2016.

 "Chaminade has another shocking victory over Texas," as announced in the final seconds back in 2008 when the Silverswords upset Texas in the Maui Invite.

Quotes from Look:

 "I got so nuts that game. That was where I was like this is a fantastic feeling and I want to repeat the feeling." 

"My voice after games is shot. I could honestly ride so much momentum after the game I could run a marathon or something. Maybe not a marathon maybe go run some laps or something."

 "I get called legend by my friends, I get called the goat, I get called the number one fan."

"There giving me exactly what I want and that is wins, and they are embracing me."

"He is so amazing, he shows up every game so much energy. We just absolutely love him," Silverswords head volleyball coach Kahala Kabalis Hoke said.

"Gives us more energy on the court, when we are feeling a little sluggish," Claire Zanon said, a sophomore on the volleyball team.

"Comes in with his little lawn chair and he just camps out and his here for the game. I just love it," Emma Tecklenburg said, a senior on the team. 

"Pretty much this is how I roll right here, but I don't normally sit like this I always stand," as he shows us his lawn chair.

"Sandals they slip, I would slip if I was wearing sandals on this one right here," as he stands barefoot.

"Don't worry about what people think. If you have passion for your teams just show it and if they like it, they like it and if not then don't worry about it cause my love for this team will never die."