UPDATE 10/21 2:34 P.M.

Equipment for the Kahuku wind farm project stored in Kalaeloa where on Sunday night protesters tried to block the streets tying themselves with zip ties.

One male protester chained himself to a gate.

According to Honolulu Police all 27 were arrested for disobedience to police. No one was arrested for trespassing as earlier reported.

Everyone has posted bail and has been released.

The court date for arrests is set for November 18th at Kapolei District Court.

Meanwhile in Kahuku, 13 people were arrested for disobedience to a police officer.

All those arrested in Kahuku have posted bail and have been released.

Their day in court is set for November 19th at Kaneohe District Court.


At least 27 people were arrested in Kalaeloa as tensions rose over a proposed wind farm on Oahu's North Shore Sunday night through Monday morning. 13 people were arrested in Kahuku.

All were arrested for disobedience to a police officer. Demonstrators, who call themselves kia'i, or protectors, blocked a roadway in Kalaeloa to keep construction materials from being transported to Kahuku. They duct-taped and zip-tied themselves together in solidarity. Police worked to seperate them before carrying them off one by-one .

The convoy proceeded as planned and construction materials continued to Kahuku Monday morning.

Today is almost a repeat of last week, when demonstrators were arrested in Kalaeloa Thursday. As many as 100 officers were there to control the situation and make arrests.