Nine straight victories and one away from the program record. The Chaminade women's volleyball team has been on the rise over the past few years and last year reached new heights while this year continuing to thrive off to their best start in program history.

 "Last year was definitely the AH-HA! moment," head coach Kahala Kabalis Hoke said.

"Chaminade makes the tournament as this program returns," as announced during the 2018 D-2 NCAA Tournament selection show. 

Last year a 23-5 season earning their first ticket to the NCAA tournament in 14 years.

 "Once we got a taste of that everyone on the team is making sure we get back there," Coach Hoke said.

Claire Zanon: "Gave us that little taste of it and came in even more hungry for that," Claire Zanon said, a junior Silversword.

This 2019 Silverswords team is hungrier then ever. Well on their way to making that happen in this 2019 season. 14-2 and out to their best start in program history.

 "Got a group of girls that really do believe, they see it, they see the talent, they know what they can achieve," Coach Hoke said.

That was not always the case especially back in 2012 when Coach Hoke took over a very struggling program.

"Taking over a program that wasn't so successful the main thing was the championship mindset. That was the number one thing I wanted to drive home to all of our athletes believing that they can win. It just took us awhile to take those strides and get those wins in," Coach Hoke said.

As they started to believe they could achieve the wins started to pile up. Year after year improving on their record and now ready to take the next step in the process.

 "1996 was a long time ago, that was our last conference win. It's due and we are ready. We really want to push for this conference championship," Coach Hoke said.

 "Every year we're like we are going to win conference, but it's like we can actually win conference," Emma Tecklenburg, a senior Silversword said.

They are a perfect 8-0 in the PAC West but a long way to go until they can hoist a trophy in the air.