A new building for the state’s only psychiatric hospital is under construction. The state hopes this $160 million project becomes a safe therapeutic place.?
“The outer perimeter wall of the building is completely secure but from inside the building, you don’t see that, you don’t feel that. There’ll be a lot of security cameras everywhere but they’re subtle in place,” Brad Leveen, State DAGS Public Works Division, said. 
“The only way you can really provide rehabilitation care is if your staff feels safe. If they’re not feeling safe, they’re not gonna be able to interact with the patient,” Dr. Run Heidelberg, Hawaii State Hospital administrator, said. 
Each floor is designed with safety in mind. ?
“We have clear lines of site you can stand at the nurse’s station and see the entire unit. In our old building, you don’t. You have to walk down long corridors, there’s a lot of hidden spots and we have staff just watching blind spots in the old building,” Heidelberg said. 
It's a four story building with plans for 144 beds, a gym, therapy and classrooms and a dining room.
This project also uses new technology called Augmented Reality, by using different points in a room to create an image of the final product. Once it's calibrated, it gives you a digital look of the room.
Some state lawmakers also toured the construction site and called it a much needed investment for the community. ?
“Creating these resources here on the windward side for them is going to make it much more accessible for them and actually let them get to the services they need so it’s very exciting,” State Rep. Scot Matayoshi, said.
Construction started last September and is expected to be done by December next year. Residents will gradually move in, a process that’ll take about six months.