You won't find sand in this sandbox in Kakaako, but the idea of building together in the same playground is the same.

The Entrepreneurs SandBox, a 13,500 square foot innovation hub, opened to the public today, offering coworking space, conference and event rooms, and even studio space, all designed to encourage startups, companies and government agencies to collaborate.

Unlike other coworking spaces, the facility is a partnership of the state's Hawaii Technology Development Corporation, local coworking business BoxJelly and corporate partners.

If you're wondering why corporations are renting out space in a hub meant for startups, organizers say it's about being in the same playground.

"Having a place where corporate can come in and say hey we want to work with innovators, I think it's really important," said Meli James, co-founder of startup incubator Mana Up Hawaii. "Creating that mindset shift that we can engage with different stakeholders and especially with innovation."

Governor David Ige and other state officials touted the hub as a way to diversify Hawaii's economy into the innovation and tech industries.

Membership starts at $85 a month, with private office space available for $800 a month.