UPDATE 10/10 9:15 P.M.

According to friends of Richard Gorloff, Thursday morning's event was the culmination of a number of incidents. Namely his son's disappearance.

30-year-old Tyler Gorloff was last seen in April according to police. Friends share that Richard Gorloff got no answers about his son's disappearance and then later small details surfaced: Tyler may have been murdered.

There were other incidents that allegedly impacted Richard's mental health - thefts, break-ins and a divorce.

One friend said she was on the phone with Gorloff during the standoff. She said he had become somewhat paranoid after his son's disappearance and wanted help.

"It just consumed him," said Jessica Roeder Tuifua. "He's been in a very bad mental state but he really, seriously, you know, wouldn't harm anybody. I don't look at him as a terrorist or anything like that. I just know he desperately needed help and he was asking for help for a long time."

Gorloff's friend shared that a doctor was brought to the scene. She now hopes he can now get the help he's been asking for.


UPDATE 10/10 2:55 P.M.

According to Big Island police a barricaded man has been peacefully taken into custody ending a six-hour plus standoff.

The man taken into custody has been identified as 57-year-old Richard Gorloff.

Officers went to an Ahulani Street residence to attempt to make contact with Richard Gorloff, who had threatened his ex-wife, Kelly Gorloff, early Thursday morning.

Upon contacting Gorloff, he refused to exit the residence and told officers that if they came any closer, he would blow up the residence. Officers observed the suspect to have a small propane tank and a five-gallon gas can that was open and filled with an unknown liquid.

The suspect also appeared to be carrying a propane torch that was unlit, and a flint striker used to light the torch. Officers reported smelling propane in the area.

Neighboring residents in the immediate area were evacuated for their safety, and the department’s Special Response Team (SRT) and Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) were assigned to respond.?


Police on the the Big Island are investigating an ongoing barricade situation in the Kalaoa area in Kona.

Kona Police Department Special Reaction Team (SRT) members are on scene near Mamalahoa Hwy. The suspect has barricade themselves.

Just after 1:30 p.m. Big Island Police said, "Our Negotiators are on-scene trying to talk the man down. He's still barricaded in the house."

Nearby residents have been evacuated.

There are road closures up Kalaloa, N. Kona on Ahulani St. from Hookumu Street to Kie Kie St. due to police activity.

This is a developing story, more details to come as they surface.