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Bluume, a small business software company, found most small businesses don't confront shoplifters.

It says small business policy on shoplifters is to call police.

28% confront them and ask for the merchandise and one fifth ban them from returning to their business.

More men than women have a policy on theft.


More Americans say they'd give up vacation days if their boss paid off their student loans.

A Ziprecruiter study reported on business insider says 63% said they would give up paid time off in exchange for help paying off student loan debt.

The average amount of vacation time people would give up in exchange for student debt relief was 2.3 months.

With California Wine Country going dark due to power cuts, this year's luxury Cabernet Sauvignons might be even more coveted.

Some wineries have put grape-picking on pause as utility giant pg&e carries out blackouts across northern California. While leaving grapes on the vine may have been bad if conditions were rainy and frosty, the current pause coincides with cool and sunny weather.

Bloomberg reports that means a richer, more balanced vintage could be in the offing.


Smithfield Foods, maker of bacon, ham and sausages, says the United States could face a bacon and ham shortage next year, as the spread of a pig-killing disease in China starts affecting the global market.

The deadly hog disease that hit parts of Africa and Europe has spread across Asia infecting millions of pigs. As a result, prices of pork in china — home to half the world's pig population — have skyrocketed.