Louis and Katherine Kealoha are accused of stealing from the trust funds of children Katherine had guardianship over. Katherine also faces identity theft and obstruction charges.

But whether they're guilty or not will be decided by Judge Michael Seabright. Not a jury of 12.

Wednesdays in federal court, Judge Seabright approved the Kealoha's request to waive their rights to a jury trial for the financial crimes case.

He's the same judge who oversaw their conspiracy trial, but a jury convicted them.

The former police chief and former deputy prosecutor are slated to be sentenced in the conspiracy case later this month.

Jury selection for the financial crimes trial was supposed to start January 14th. Instead the trial's scheduled to begin January 20th. 

Both the former police chief and former deputy prosecutor appeared in court in front of Judge Seabright Wednesday. Louis arrived to and left court with his attorney. Katherine Kealoha remains in federal custody.

Katherine faces a third trial along with her brother for drug charges.