According to a new report released by the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Hawai'i now has more than 10,000 electric vehicles on the road.

By the end of September the number of registered electric vehicles hit the 10,000 mark.

That's only about 1% of vehicles but electric vehicle supporters say it's moving us closer to our state's renewable energy goals.

"EV's make a ton of sense with shorter driving distances and they do well in stop and go traffic, which we have a lot of here,"

Michael Colone of Hawaiian Electric Company said.

"It means that the incentives that we have in place, the free parking, the HOV lane access, that those things are working to incentivize people to buy electric vehicles. We actually have the second highest per capita rate of any state in the country," Lauren Reichelt of the Blue Planet Foundation said.

To celebrate the clean transportation milestone the Car Parlor in Honolulu is giving away free car washes on Thursday for electric vehicles.

These select car washes across the state are offering $10 car washes for EV drivers through November 10.

You can download the coupon here.