Centuries-old gravestones that were vandalized at the Hawaiian Mission Homes cemetery have just been repaired.

Stone masons returned once-broken gravestones to their burial plots.

The gravestones were damaged back in June when a vandal walked into the cemetery and pushed them over.

The masons were able to take the broken pieces and repair them.

The cross is about 115-years-old and this one that stands upright dates back 200 years.

"These gravemarkers, we may not think of them as historic public art, but they reall are. They help tie us to the past. So seeing vadalism to cemeteries in particular can really pull on the heartstrings. So we're really so happy that the community has pulled together to help us maintain the cemetery," Elizabeth Pooloa of Hawaiian Mission Houses said.

Police caught the man who vandalized the gravestones. Pooloa says he was sentenced to probation and community service.