Fidelity Investments is trimming fees on its college savings plans as Americans grapple with soaring costs for higher education and leave school with record debt.

Fidelity cut fees on 15 of its 22 college portfolios, and introduced eight 529 blend portfolios -- a number that references the section of federal law making such plans tax-free.

The firm's price cuts were expected to save current investors more than $4 million annually.

The PlayStation 5 is officially scheduled to launch during the 2020 holiday season, confirming months of rumors surrounding Sony's next-gen video game console.

Players will feel different vibrations in their controller when they fire a gun or hold the wheel of a car.

Other features include an energy saving rest mode.

Investment bank Piper Jaffray found teens now spend more time on YouTube than they do on Netflix.

Teens spend 37 percent of their daily video streaming time on YouTube and 35 percent watching Netflix

Still, Netflix remains much more popular among teens than Hulu and Amazon Prime.

A recent report by personal finance website WalletHub ranked Honolulu as a Top Foodie City in America.

It was ranked 18th.

The score is based on a variety of metrics including the cost of groceries, affordability of high-end restaurants and restaurants per capita.

The top foodie city was Portland, Oregon.