Update: Bill 37 passed its third reading in City Council and is now headed to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell's office where he will decide whether or not to sign it into law.

The Honolulu City Council is considering passing a controversial construction bill that would affect a large portion of city construction projects.

Bill 37 would require a PLA -- or project labor agreement -- for any 'critical' city project over $2 million. However, it would likely require all workers to pay union dues.

Part of the issue is that non-union laborers say this bill is unfair. They already pay into their own company's pension and believe they shouldn't pay dues to a union they don't belong to.

Supporters of the bill say union protections benefit both sides.

According to the bill, having all laborers pay union dues would help prevent labor strikes, delays in construction projects and would help keep projects on budget. Supporters also it would make sure 80 percent of workers on those big city projects are local residents.

Opponents believe bill 37 would mean higher taxpayer costs.

Honolulu City Council will take a third and final vote on the bill Wednesday at Kapolei Hale. The meeting is expected to begin at 10 a.m.