50 percent of millennials say they have left a job for mental health reasons.

The study was published in Harvard Business Review.

75 percent of Gen Z'ers say they have left a jobs for mental health.

Younger generations are more embracing of therapy than previous generations, de-stigmatizing mental health in the process.

In collaboration with Disney, Alaska Airlines showcased its latest special-edition aircraft with a whimsical tribute to Pixar Pier, a reimagined land at Disney's California Adventure Park.

Pixar characters span both sides of the aircraft: Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie of Toy Story. For more added fun, one of the aliens from the popular animated movie series can be spotted on both winglets.

Sales of single-family homes on O'ahu rose by 12 percent last month, compared to September of last year, but the median price declined by four percent.

The median price of a condominium rose by the same percentage even as sales declined by nine percent, according to statistics from the Honolulu Board of Realtors.

Honolulu is a top ten city to visit, picked by Conde Nast readers.

They ranked Honolulu the 9th best city to visit.

Chicago was ranked at the top city by the readers to visit.

Here’s the list of the top ten destinations in descending order:
1. Chicago, IL
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. Boston, MA
4. New Orleans, LA
5. Washington, D.C.
6. San Diego, CA
7. New York, NY
8. Pittsburgh, PA
9. Honolulu, HI
10. San Antonio, TX